Hortan Thenna

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Published: Friday, 03 August 2018 16:33
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Hortan thenna is one of the interesting places which is situated in Sri Lanka.It is in the district of ‘Nuwara Eliya’ of Central province. Any visitors can reach this place along a crooket road from the Ohiya railway station .Besides this road many finas trees have been grown by the people . This area in covered with the mist. With in half one hour any one can reach Horton Thenna. The lord of the forest is level and taller tress can be seen.
There are two beautiful waterfalls named by Chimini Ella and Backors Ella. With the golden colour of the fally water and the sweet should of the Backors waterfall is bright the area ,Chimini Ella is close to have.The most beautiful and interesting places in Horton Thenna is the Worlds End ‘small and big World End’. The World End spreads toward southern.This southern Horton thenna is high about 350 and spreads to Balangoda area.

Scene is very terrific .Any way the slop at this places is very interesting.There are tress and bushes covered the land. Not only that can be seen endemic plants and fertile soil .There fore the plants .So many tourists come here to watch its beauty