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Oasisdamahana IT foundation media unit launched their annual trip to Udawalawa, Nonagama, and Ussangoda. This trip was launched on 2013.03.15 and forty members participated in.

       The purpose of the trip was to give the members a training of photography and video editing.

    First we observed Udawalawa tank. Here we videoed the location of the tank, the bank of the tank and important places around the tank. 

       After that we videoed and photographed the activities of the Udawalawa elephants orphanage “eth Athurusewana”. There we face to special incident. We met two guests at there. Well famous journalist in Sri Lanka Mr. Hemanalin Karunarathne is one of them. The other is videographer and photographer Mr. Chandralal manamendra. This was unexpected meeting, but we were able to brief important instructions on photography. They observed our activities and joined with us in a humble way. We appreciate it highly.

     We took leave from there and reached to Embilipitiya “chandrkawewa”   after that we reached to Nonagama, Ussangoda and photographed important things. Then we went to Godawaya the place where Walawe River falls to the sea. There we photographed the necessary things and left ending our tour.