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The students of Balangoda  Damahana public school have achieved  great  results from the G.C.E. Advance Level examination in 2010 also. Advance level subjects are being conducted only in commerce and Arts sections , five students have been qualified  for university entrance from both sections.    

Through the results.

Students                                         Accounting   Business studies   Economics 

Dinusha Gayani Dharmadasa                  A                    A                      A
Sumali Yasasmi De Silva                          B                    A                       A
Chamil  Menaka                                          B                   A                        A
Dimuthu Udara Madusanka                     C                    A                       A
Bhagya Maduvanthi                                    C                    B                       A
Dilani Madusika                                          B                    B                        A
    These students are in front. Comparing the results of the previous year, this year results shows 40% progress. These pupils have learnt under low facilities and they are from rural areas. This great victory will be a great fame to our area.
  We, Oasisdamahana foundation express our congratulations tour bright students.