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When it comes to modern communication a major issue confronting rural areas of Sri Lanka is to do with transferring technology to those regions. It creates barriers and set backs and is a distinct disadvantage in matters of commerce and education. This is a quite evidence for example in Damahana, a village area which is situated in Ratnapura district of the Sabaragamuwa province in Sri Lanka.

In an attempt to address this problem an e-village Unit was established at the Damahana public school under the guidance and supervision of the Ministry of Education, the National ICT agencies and the of Presidential Secretariat.

An organization called the Oasis Damahana Foundation was established after consultations with parents and children in the community. All activities of e-village are carried out by and through this organization.The teacher selected to run the e-Village project in Damahana is Mr. K. M. W. Bandara, who is very diplomatic and loved by his students and respected by the community.

 Students of the e-village, after receiving proper training can skillfully explore and surf the internet in a manner that benefits their education immensely. Further, they have made vast strides in improving their English language skills. Now they can work with the internet writing and maintaining Web blogs as an active unit.Around 180 children have been selected to be trained as the first team of e-village students. They are given training in ICTs and English language improvement with the support of the staff and volunteers. Some of the students have the luxury of communicating with overseas online volunteers who help the students in improving their English. Damahana eVillage has expanded its services to around 250 youth in the area to familiar themselves with computers and the Net. Around 100 parents also are given occasional training in the use of computers and surfing the Net. Catering to such a big audience is not easy and Bandara uses both school hours and after school hours, to serve those who seek knowledge. Sometimes the training sessions are held at night because the parents are free at night after work during the day. Surfing the Net has given a new experience to the community and now they are getting accustomed to its overwhelming usage in day today life. 

Further the members explore things of special interest of the environment for the notification of the World. The benefits of our computer unit are enjoyed to the maximum. There is still much room for improvement. Students & villagers alike require further regular training and updating in the use of ICT and the English language.